Saturday, December 13, 2014

Elyssa and Wladimir Joseph Honeymoon Living Story in the Making

Our Story in Making
Wladimir - From Haiti to the skyscrapers of New York, to the windy city of Chicago

Elyssa - From the mountains of California to the hills of San Francisco, to the great country of Texas

Both Wladimir and Elyssa were on a mission to find the one with whom they could run the fun race of life together.


Even though Elyssa travels the globe and knows thousands of people all over the United States and internationally she was challenged by a couple of close friends to go onto eHarmony. She replied, “I’m not interested in online dating.” Not one to walk to walk away from a challenge, though, she signed up. She never expected to meet a man that was everything that she had been looking for, praying for and more.


Wladimir was a happy and somewhat go-lucky man doing a part-time lay pastor ministry role at his church. Prior to accepting the position (for about a year) he resisted doing any significant church ministry as a single without his wife. Nevertheless, he felt he must proceed to enter the part-time ministry. Additionally, he felt a new vigor in his soul to double his efforts in finding his soul mate. Then one day, Elyssa appeared in his mailbox…and now he is forever happy go-lucky with Elyssa...

Fast forward. Here they are doing their custom wedding vows...

Fast forward from eHarmony. Here they are at the big surprise...

Wladimir + Elyssa, Honeymoon Living

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