Friday, February 20, 2015

My Valentine – The Bride’s Story

My Valentine – The Bride’s Story. 

days before Valentine’s Day Wladimir showed up at my office soaking wet, handed me a rose, and told me that he loved me. He ran over four miles that day in the rain to give me that rose!

The next day (as Texas weather likes to change all the time) it was hot. He showed up again (dripping in sweat) with another rose and he told me he loved me. He ran another four plus miles to give me that rose.

Day three he showed up again with another rose! 

Days 4-12, despite the weather and despite how he was "feeling" he conquered hills, traffic and a sprained ankle and he had never run 12 days straight. (That obviously wears on a body.) He ran the equivalent of two marathons to build me my Valentine’s Bouquet. Each time he arrived with a rose he would tell me he loved me.

Why do I care about his extravagant display of love? Why do I care about his sacrifice? It's not that he was looking for a social media shout out or that he loved pushing his body to do something it's not conditioned to do (like run 12 days straight). It's not that he liked running in the rain or the heat. It's not that he couldn't have just bought me a bouquet that would have been pretty, but rather he put action to his love. He sacrificed for the sake of love. You see, that is what love does. It doesn't take the convenient path, and it doesn't just do what everybody does. Love demonstrates, stands up, and shows itself to the one who needs it.

What did his effort and display of love do to my heart? I felt honored and cared for. I felt passionately pursued and valued. I took over 40 pictures of that bouquet as it was being built! Every rose was documented to be remembered - and when that bouquet begins to fade I will hang it, dry it and keep it for years to come.
We might not all be able to run two marathons to build a bouquet, nor am I saying that is something that we should all try to do. However, I do think that we are all capable of loving beyond what's comfortable and convenient for us. Love looks for some way to express itself.

Elyssa + Wladimir, Honeymoon Living
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