Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Elyssa and Wladimir's Custom Wedding Vows!!!

WEDDING VIDEO CLIP! Yeah! - I keep being asked to post more about my husband's, Wladimir Joseph, and my incredible wedding day. (I’m working on it. I promise.) Our wedding was incredible! It was incredible not because we had oodles of money for an elaborate party, but because we came into our marriage not just in love (which we were and are), but because one of our main goals and dreams about what we wanted on our wedding day (and marriage) was that we would be blessed and inspire others, married or single. We wanted everybody to walk away being reminded that love, real love, is powerful.

We all have our stories of hurt, love, and loss, but there is something magical about love. Its power compels us to pour out our lives for others. It compels us to live sacrificially. It compels us to encourage others on their journeys.
Between the two of us prior to saying “I do” we had accumulated 70 pre-marriage years. That is a long time to wait to be joined with your spouse. This video clip is a little piece of our wedding day. We hope that it blesses you and encourages you on your journey.
#honeymoonliving# #wladandelyssa# #imkeepinghimforever!#Thank you, Bob and Kimberly Johnson for officiating our wedding!!!
Elyssa + Wladimir, Honeymoon Living

Married? Single? Whether you are 11 or 77 we would love to hear your thoughts on marriage. 

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