Wednesday, April 1, 2015


One year ago, March 31st, Wladimir Joseph asked me to be seen by him exclusively even though we have NEVER MET face-to-face. We had been getting to know each other over the past several months; THAT'S RIGHT!, #EHARMONY HOOKUP! (I NEVER thought in a million years that I would meet my husband online, but that’s another story). Wladimir was bold from the start. Never played games and was honest from our first conversation. I was totally flabbergasted at such boldness. I mean, I liked him and all, we had great conversations, similar dreams, and goals but had NEVER MET in “real life.”

 I had all these objections in my head; what if scenarios of what could go wrong… “What if I say yes, and then we meet and there is no spark?” “What if he is weird or awkward in person?” “I don’t want a ‘cyber’ boyfriend. I mean, it’s not like I couldn’t get a date if I wanted one.” But I wasn’t looking for another date. I didn’t want games or players. I didn’t want to get my heart broken or break his. Excuses and questions filled my mind. (Little did I know that I was set up! God had already told him that I was going to be his wife. It’s a good thing Wlad didn’t tell me that night.)

 I didn’t know what to say. So I said, “I will think about it.” How’s that for a response?! Yes, the bold, driven, knows-what-she-wants girl was speechless! I walked to my roommate’s, Stephanie Hodges, bedroom door and pounded on it, (even though it was late at night) and hashed the whole thing out with her all night. #GirlTalk – Thank God for my amazing friend.

The next day, APRIL 1st, I called Jessie Erickson who I have known pretty much my whole life. With a smile she just kept saying, “I like this guy.” (Even though she had never talked to him). Best Friends just know.

So I called my folks, Um, “Hi Mom and Dad, so there’s this guy. Um,”

My generally reserved mother jumps in and shouts, “I KNEW IT! God told me a couple of months you were talking to somebody!” (Why do moms always know these things!)

 Then my Dad proceeded to grill me about him—like dad’s do. “What do you do when you see a green light?” I answered, “Go.” He then asked me “What do you do when you see a yellow or red light?” “Slow down. Stop,” I replied. “Well, it’s all green lights! If the light changes color, pay attention. But green lights mean go. Now call this man back and tell him!” I laughed at told him, “Uh, that’s it! All those years of threatening to pull out your shotgun and you aren’t going to grill this guy?” “Nope. No need. It’s green lights. I’ll get the chance to talk to him. Call him back and say ‘yes.'.” #MyDadIsSoWise So, I get off the phone with my folks, pick up the phone to call him back, and the rest is history.
Marriage Proposal Live at First Steps to Success
  • I said, “Yes” to the man I had never met face-to-face!
  • I said, “Yes” to an #EHarmony Match! What?!
Happy One Year Wladdy! So glad I said, “YES” to you one year ago, On April Fool’s Day!

Some say, “Love makes you a fool.”

I say, “I am no fool. You were #WorthTheWait – ALL 32 years of it! I LOVE YOU!

#IAmKeepingHimForForever #WladandElyssa #HoneymoonMarriage #HoneymoonLiving

Engagement Photo: Captured by Angela and Bailey Rose
Wedding Photos: Captured by Trish Roberts and Bailey Rose

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