Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Marriage Wednesdays!

The Kick-Off to Marriage Wednesdays. 

You ask what is that? Thoughts put to pen for marriage on Wednesdays.

We will write something fresh and authentically wholesome. It will be geared toward the single (currently or not currently dating), the married (now struggling or thriving).

There is no shame on you here. Instead, we only will give hope and well-grounded counsel that reaches far beyond our age-old wisdom or popular culture.

If you are married, consider yourselves warned. Something, spicy hot, fun, and beneficial will be crafted in the celebration of marriage. Something spicy hot may catch on in your marriage from some of these thoughts.
For those who are not married does this Marriage Wednesday mean anything to me?
Elyssa and Wladimir Wedding Ending
Picture of us in our getaway going not to Vegas but Cancun.

Well, maybe. If you have marriage relationships in your circle of friends, you may find some of these thoughts celebrating marriage will be worthwhile to give to others. Or if you look to be married in your future, you may find some of the thoughts celebrating different aspects of marriage will be the very same ones that you find opportunities to put in your marriage.

Here's a link to our kick-off post..."What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas," But... Should It?

Wladimir + Elyssa, Honeymoon Living

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