Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Book Release! The Power Of A HONEYMOON Marriage

Writing a Book!
Wait. What? Who me? Yep! 

5 months ago I married a man that I had waited for and dreamed of for a long time, 32 years! Over my life's journey I have been blessed to experience some incredible things and I have experienced some very painful lows, but finding a real-life love that upheld the standards that I had hoped for and prayed for at times seemed so unlikely, but the best things in life are worththewait and sacrifice to get them!

My husband and hot hunky honeymoon groom Wladimir Joseph and I are releasing a book we are authoring!
What's the book about?
It’s his story, my story, and how we have navigated our journeys of looking for, finding and sustaining love. It's us. It's raw, it's real. It's practical how-to-s, deep scripture research and studies that we have both done. It's insights from our dating experience and intensive learning about marriage. There is a dating and marriage blueprint - this book is an unearthing of the blue print. It's a call to have radically different relationships from culture. It's a source for championing those that are single, are dating or married. It's our heart, our mistakes, our successes put onto paper and a whole lot more.

Want to get a copy?
To those of you that have been asking us for this, we heard you! Book 1 in The Power of A Honeymoon Series is in route: THE POWER OF A HONEYMOON MARRIAGE

If you know somebody that this book would benefit, please share this with them! We are officially accepting pre-orders starting today!  

If you want a signed copy of the book - we would be glad to sign it for you! But we only have a limited number that we can sign. (We will have to pull your copy out of the inventory before it's released to major production suppliers, if you want a signed copy, please get it now as a pre-order).

The Power of a Honeymoon Marriage Book - Back Cover Color Edition

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