Friday, May 29, 2015

Celebrate Like a Rock Star

We are tackling some hard issues that we have seen many people face in dating and marriage, and yet we (Wladimir & Elyssa) have graciously experienced many opposites of those common pains that are frequent to others. Our hearts break for others because they are genuinely hurting and yet, we are also inspired to shout from the rooftop that another way is possible. We have a childlike faith to seek out the authentic blueprint for dating, marriage and love.

Have you ever noticed that often those that are happily single or happily married are rarely celebrated? Or... that they themselves rarely celebrate boldly that they are living out a blessed state in their marriage, dating, or singlehood? There’s a story in the Bible where David was celebrating God so profusely that even his wife took offense at his lavish celebration of his love for God. David was celebrating like a rock star.

Similarly, in our dating and marriage, we were and are unabashedly grateful for our blessings in each stage. We think it is dangerous to withhold joy, thanksgiving, and celebration of the blessings that have been bestowed upon us. When we don’t celebrate our blessings it ultimately negatively impacts our singleness or married life. (What are some of the items impacted, the meaning thereof, and their implications? They are explained further in our book, The Power Of A HONEYMOON™ Marriage).

If you have an awesome marriage, please find a way to proverbially shout from the roof top about it (instead of forgetting that you are living out an awesome marriage). If you are enjoying your thriving dating or singleness, please look for ways to shout from the roof top about it (instead of looking for the shoe to drop). Be bold in celebrating the gift/s that you have! 

Whether a single person, or a married couple, you can celebrate your blessings without reservation. Also at the same time, you can grow your desire to be more of a blessing to our Heavenly Father’s kingdom, and grow in enthusiasm about moving forward with His highest purpose for your life each day!

We challenge you who are thriving in your singleness, dating or marriage life: to put even more fun and extravagance in living, telling and showing your satisfaction to God and the public about your gratitude for your blessed state in life. This is a powerful tool of praising our Father for his blessings, and positively effecting others towards living their lives with greater gratitude. It is always a good time to celebrate your marriage, or your satisfying singleness or your rewarding dating. You can brainstorm countless ways on your own to up your celebration! Below are a few ways we offer to accelerate your celebration.

For me, in conjunction with a challenge laid out in our book “The Power Of A HONEYMOON™ Marriage, I had a car window decal made celebrating my precious bride and our mindset of the “Honeymoon For Life.” This is much less painful or less costly than a tattoo.

It’s now at our store. Check this out... at our store.
There is a celebration sign for each celebration state in life: (static cling window decals; no glue, or tape required)
You can keep the sign which goes on your wedding getaway car: “Honeymoon Just Married”
You can now celebrate this “Just Married” over and over and over again!  
Use this discount code for the Newly Married, (the first five users will receive a discount):

You have worked so hard and are still working at enjoying being “Worth The Wait.” Have a little fun and celebrate with a “Worth The Wait” car window decal (this can be put on your bedroom window, once in a while to just relish in who you are and where you are heading). You can leave it on all the time, or put it on when you feel like giving up being “Worth The Wait,” or on those days when you are going on a date. Remind yourself, in whatever way you need YOU ARE "Worth The Wait!"
Use this discount code for the singles (the first five users will receive a discount):

You know you have made a commitment to live your “Honeymoon For Life,” in the good days and in the tough days you are giving it your best. This is my kind of sign! This is the sign of a marriage pit bull! All we know is our marriage is going to be a honeymoon for life, and if and when we stumble at living our honeymoon, we are going to get right back at it.
Use this discount code for the Marriage Pit Bulls, (the first five users will receive a discount):

For our book, "The Power Of A HONEYMOON(TM)," here is a bonus discount code,  Faith-filled-words15%, (we hope two newly-married couples will cash in on it). 

In conclusion, may those of us that are believers share the tasks to improve and inspire Christian marriages, dating relationships, and singlehood in our communities and the world. Together we will all forcefully advance the kingdom agenda of our Father! May we eagerly and regularly pray for our local communities and the world for the desperate need of revival in our Christian singlehood romance and marriages. We, Wladimir and Elyssa CHEER YOU ON! 

Elyssa and Wladimir, Honeymoon Living

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