Thursday, May 28, 2015

Please Get Off The Ledge, If On The Ledge

In our book, we are hitting hard at very hard issues we have seen many face in dating and marriage, and yet we have experienced the opposites of these pains because of our childlike faith to seek out the authentic blueprint for dating, marriage and love. We are motivated to help people through our book, and other ways, to experience the blessing within reach in their marriage or singlehood. On the back cover of our book The Power Of A HONEYMOON™ Marriage there is a bold statement,‘Have you wondered, as a married person, “Marriage isn’t a death sentence so why is my marriage nearly killing me?”

The Pain is Real
Stories of those close to us who were having real pain in their marriage or their dating lives motivated us to put this statement on the back cover. I tell my precious bride that my deepest sadness about marriage is this one thing, “A Christian marriage is an unrivaled blessing in creation as per God’s original blueprint. However, this positive marriage experience is quite often rare (even for Christian individuals in marriage).”

Real painful stories from people's marriages had been told to me. I watched their pain-filled faces when they told me of how the romance and love dissipated in their marriages. The person in crisis maybe your neighbor, usually you will not notice this by their outside experience, or even their achievements.One such friend told me before his marriage ended in divorce, he sometimes surveyed parts of his travel commute route to find where would be the most optimal place to commit suicide by crashing his car and exiting the pain in his marriage (and leaving his kids behind).

If you find yourself in extreme pain in regards to your marriage (or your dating or single life), please get off-the-ledge of doing-harm-to-yourself-or-someone. (Drug abuse or increasing dependency on the socially accepted outlets, drinking, gaming, etc., is included in the category of doing yourself/someone harm). Daily my precious bride and I pray for Christian marriages, (and singles, who are called to marriage in their future) who are in our local community and the seven continents. Hence, with love, if this applies to you, please get off the ledge. Pick up a phone or go to someone who can positively help; send my bride and me an urgent prayer request email, at Prayer changes things, and we will pray. We promise you we will keep your prayer-request-need confidential. Thank you for getting off the ledge. If this blog post reaches one person and helps them, this blog post would have been worth its weight. 

My precious bride and I are increasingly being a help for marriages and dating since our wedding ceremony.
Starting more consistently after our wedding ceremony, and way before our 5/20 book pre-release sale we were reached out to for dating and marriage help. People were explicitly telling us that something of our story (our honorable dating, or our wedding vows, marriage-dating blog post, etc.) have encouraged and helped them. Additionally others have reached out to us for encouragement and or support to help them in urgent needs, whether in their dating or their singleness or marriage lives.

Here’s a story of someone we helped. In support of confidentiality, we will not name the married couple who had marital pain, of over 12 years, and reached out to us in mid-march. We did a video call with this couple who was impacted by our wedding vows. We drew from chapters 3, 4, 5 of The Power Of A HONEYMOON™ book, and they took to heart messages from our book we drew on a flip chart regarding marriage. This consultation helped them identify an enormous roadblock in their marriage. Today, they give us compliment with us speaking life into their marriage. In return, we tell them that we loved on them like a loving marriage pit bull. They are now having a honeymoon in their marriage and have a newfound vigilance to protect the preciousness of their marriage.

Please feel free to reach out to us, about your pesky singleness, dating, or marital questions. We promise you two things: 1) Utmost confidentiality. 2) What we draw from isn’t solely our successful experience in dating and honeymoon marriage; for example we are not saying, “Hey, look at us, and your problems will go away” nor are we saying, “We have ingeniously remade marriage and will now share this new genius marriage we concocted.”  No. No. No. We don’t invent a new marriage and want you to try our flavor of marriage, but instead, we have done due diligence in our dating and marriage; and we continue doing due diligence in living out our marriage love from an authentic source for love and marriage. We had experienced a past dating life; that was utmost rewarding, and a current honeymoon marriage that continues deepening, and yet both experiences in either stage of life are 100% available to anyone. Anyone willing to find out for themselves the blueprint for this kind of confident and increasing love, connectedness, and unified purpose can rediscover what we rediscovered. Feel free to invite our guidance in rediscovering the authentic blueprint. (Our calendar is currently booked several weeks out, but you can still reach out to us and we will gladly connect with you as soon as possible!).

For our book, "The Power Of A HONEYMOON(TM)", here is a bonus discount code, Faith-filled-words15%, (we hope two newly-married couples will cash in on using). In conclusion, may those of us that are believers share the tasks to improve and inspire Christian marriages, dating relationships, and singlehood in our communities and the world. Together we will all forcefully advance the kingdom agenda of our Father! May we eagerly and regularly pray for our local communities and the world for this desperate need.

Wladimir and Elyssa, Honeymoon Living

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