Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Happiest 33rd Birthday to My Bride!

Happiest 33rd Birthday to my bride and happiest Six-Month Marriage!

Pictures from Birthday highlight!

Celebration is key in the Honeymoon Living and marriage lifestyle. Last weekend we celebrated my bride 33rd birthday and then our six-month honeymoon after marriage. Those this week celebrating their birthdays or marriages anniversaries, we also celebrate with you and wish you a Happiest Birthday and or Anniversary!

During the book writing process, we have had to review our journals and have been rewarded by this. It led to being part of the birthday activities, I read her the written scripture-based prayers in my journal entries prayed for her, even before we dated and continuing when we dated. She enjoyed this much. It was Priceless! Which brings to mind an activity laid out in chapter 11 of our book.
Also last week we completed The Power Of A HONEYMOON™ Marriage book’s major writing and edits and are in the final few stages of production. Yippee!!!

Here are two recent reviewers’ comments from readers who have read parts of or the whole 12-chapter book:
“Thank you, Lord, for the diligence and hard work of Elyssa and Wladimir, and for their tender hearts to share the message of your wonderful design of marriage and you sacrificial love for the world.
You two are precious, and I am excited for how you are moving full speed ahead into God’s calling for you.”

“Practical, encouraging and great common language.”

Just to list a couple reviews.
Elyssa and Wladimir Joseph, Honeymoon Living

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