Thursday, July 16, 2015

Happy Seven-Month Anniversary and Quadruplets

Chapter 12 Word Cloud
The Power of a HONEYMOON Marriage

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The Power of a HONEYMOON Marriage

This week we celebrate 7-months of honeymoon after marriage!!!:)
This blog post covers three things:
1.    Seven-month celebration declaration!
2.    Update on book release
3.    Good news for our Honeymoon Living family

1. I (Wladimir) would normally take out time here, shout, and sing about honeymoon and marriage. Pause…pause…pause. I continue to sing and shout about Honeymoon living. I am so happy to be lent my beloved bride Elyssa, and our seven months honeymoon together. Because Honeymoon living is somewhat a living where bold adventure takes place in one’s ordinary life but with a twist, it’s a life powered from fresh power from God. Bold adventures but infused with power from heaven. That creates some serious boldness and fun and good hard work. I share this to pray a blessing on us all to stay the course in living a honeymoon living, whether single or married, nothing else matters but bold living with God’s strength infused. Amen! Lastly, we celebrate people with anniversaries and birthdays this week! Blessings to you! Let us know if you have either or both whenever you are reading this post.

2. Update On Book Release: My bride and are in a season of publishing a book and learning  being an author along the way. The huge benefit is we are emboldened by God’s power to stay living unscripted lives (lives where we permit the Holy Spirit to take us beyond our borders), but anchored in seeking freshly His smiling face and super strong arms.
To our surprise, in our first baby pregnancy, we found out instead of having two paperback books to deliver; we have more.

Here’s where we are: We finished with final edits of the manuscript. While we were formatting the book for publishing, and since we are first-time authors, we learned a few things along the way.
What did we learn?
   We learned that the deluxe book (photos and more) we planned for the paperback book will need a formatting process that gives us an opportunity to publish a mobile version before completing the paperback. In conclusion, our book release is behind schedule but for great reasons. We were ambitious with getting you great content (and we have). We are ambitious in giving you something that will be customizable and genuinely not a one-size-fits-all tool (and the extra time permits us to deliver here to). The book we previously announced has both and more. That leads to the good news.

3. Good news for our Honeymoon Living family: This blog isn’t a store-lot where we are trying to sell you something, and then pick up, run and change our address. Contrary, we genuinely believe we have a spiritual calling to help fight back the darkness scheming and chocking at the throat of marriage. Second, we have a calling to help others to be successful at holding to purity when single. We love you, and again pray a blessing over those in marriages and singleness, to find God’s strength and guidance for your life to be a brave life for Him. Amen!

  • We believe people would enjoy access to content from the book immediately.

Good news, during our book formatting step we delivered parts of the book in Kindle and IOS IPad/IPhone format while we steady progressing on the paperback book version release.
Recap, because of the normal but harder work we have to do during the paperback book formatting step, it will be critical for us to leverage the hard work into a mobile Kindle/IPad version of the book. This mobile/kindle/IOS IBook book will have the same great content but without the pictures. We want you to get to the content faster.
We built out the Kindle and IOS ebook formats for a couple chapters that can easily be read out of sequence from the book, chapters 11, 12.

Here are the links to Amazon Kindle store for the separate chapters.

Link to the mobile chapters
(You can read a kindle book without having a kindle device. How? Answer: After you purchase the kindle book, then go view the kindle book online from their free cloud/web kindle reader:

Have a great week and Happy Birthday's and Happy Anniversaries to you!
Wladimir and Elyssa,
Honeymoon Living

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