Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Any Day Now

A Word Cloud Image From A Chapter Of The Book
"The Power of A Honeymoon Marriage"

Marriage has been the hot topic this week. Everybody seems to have an opinion, especially on social media, so rather than join the fight and adding fuel to the fire, I am going to keep this week's post short and simple and just give a quick update. Wladimir and I are really close to finalizing the book we have been writing! (We had no idea when we started it that we would literally be finishing it as the supreme court ruled on a history-making decision, the timing seems a bit ironic though).

We have been racing to finish the book and are excited that it is almost done! It will be done any day now. No, seriously, any day! Just wrapping up the last few details.

We have been having such a fun time working on The Power Of A Honeymoon™ Marriage Book content with each other. (If you didn’t know, yes we are writing a book.) It has been pretty amazing to compare notes, read through old journals and ask each other questions in the process of bringing it to reality. As we have worked to bring our stories to life on paper the more we learn about each other, and the more we want to put in the book! So rather than try and cram in more content and fit everything into the pages of the book, we have placed interactive features in it to be unlocked in the future, so that the experience does not end when the pages of the book ends. It’s going to be really cool and innovative, and you will see when you get your copy of it.

  • If you have already pre-ordered The Power of A Honeymoon™ Marriage Book, It is almost done! Yeah! Thank you for your patience, we will send it to you asap!
Have an amazing week, be filled with power and grace! 
See you on the flip side for next week’s blog post.

Elyssa and Wladimir, 
Honeymoon Living

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