Friday, July 31, 2015

What Is Your YES?

Are You A "Yes" or "No" Person?
A quick heart-to-heart with Elyssa and Wladimir

I am going to be honest; I love my life! Why? It is crazy to me to see what God can do with a “Yes.” Actually, it is more like a bunch of “Yeses” stacked up over years of just doing the next thing in front of me. Through the tears, the struggles, the victories, in it all, God is just looking for our “Yes,” and He will do the rest. I am amazed by how He has directed my life (and Wladimir’s life too). 

Sometimes I wonder, how does a country bumpkin from the mountains like me, end up traveling all over the world, walking the same halls as presidents? I don’t get it, but what I do know is that I said, “Yes” a lot of times when “No” would have been more convenient, more popular and more comfortable. 

What is my point? Life often presents us choices, Say, “Yes” to God, to the path less taken, to what we don’t want to do… “No” is usually more convenient, comfortable and “safe,” but nos rarely give us the same breakthrough experience as the yeses

I guess it depends on what you are saying yes and no to. I am not talking about saying yes to everything that comes your way, nor am I talking about some sort of funky spiritual enlightenment power word. I am simply having a moment of personal revelation. A lot of times the things we are supposed to say Yes to are not convenient, fun or comfortable in the moment, but the long-term reward is so much greater than the temporary discomfort. 

So my challenge to us both, you and me, is:
  • What are we choosing to say, “Yes” to? 
  • Where are we letting fear hold us back from a breakthrough? 
  • And what should we be saying yes to? 
Ever Feel Like Dressing Like Wonder Woman
And Shaking Your Finger?
Can I be honest? I am not always a “yes” person by nature. My gut reaction is often to say, “No. And I look at my life, and I wonder what it would be like if I said “Yes” to more things that I was supposed to say yes to

Here are a few things I said yes to. 

My little brother is 12 years younger than me, I said "Yes" to going to community college by parents house instead of going away to a private college when I was 18 because I thought it was more important that my brother have a relationship with his big sister than for her to get a degree from a prestigious school. (He and I have a great relationship all these years later; and I would rather have that, than a fancy diploma any day)

I said “Yes” to starting as a part-time cashier while I was in college at my favorite restaurant in town, and one day at work, in five minutes I was promoted from part-time cashier to full-time manager

I said “Yes” to being an unpaid intern at a non-profit, and I ended up being given my own department of the organization to run. 

I said “Yes” to moving across the country, to a town I had never seen and ended up with a life I could only dream of

I said “Yes” in my heart to choosing to walk out a life of sexual purity, and tens of thousands have heard my story and been inspired

I said “Yes” to an eHarmony match and landed the man of my dreams.

And more recently, I said “Yes” to opening up my heart, life, dating and marriage and putting it onto paper in a book, which I must admit has been one of the most challenging things I have ever done. Partly because I just wasn’t sure that I wanted to be as vulnerable and as open as I would need to be in book form (I am not by nature somebody that likes letting it all hang out, I don’t like vulnerability. And putting your life onto paper is well, requires vulnerability, again, NOT my favorite word…) 

BUT… when my husband and I were dating we struggled to find really good material to grow us in our journey together, we found a lot of relationship books and courses full of lots fluff, we looked high and low for really solid resources, we looked for books, crash course relationship seminars, we looked everywhere we could think of, but had a really hard time finding what we were looking for, things were either basic and fluffy or last ditch survival doom and gloom.

I started asking other couples that I knew, and I didn’t hear many solid suggestions. THAT was when the lightbulb went off; we had found a need, a need that needs to be filled. 

Most of us on planet earth have relationships, either dating or marital at some point in our life and I have never met anybody that goes into it thinking, “I can’t wait for this thing to dissipate in love and implode.” But that is often the reality. Why is that? And does it have to be that way? How do you have something that lasts, and grows? That is the journey that Wladdy and I have been on together, and we have found out some very interesting things along the way, they are worth digging into to! 

If you want to join us in the digging; you can! After months and months of hard work and a lifetime of life experience we have done it! The Power of A HoneymoonTM Marriage Book is here! 

And it is more than a book; it is an interactive study application study guide. If you want a rocking marriage based on truths that work, if you want to date smarter, if you want a love that lasts, it’s a great resource. (I am not saying that because we wrote it, I am saying that because it is packed with hard hitting truth, it’s the journey that God has directed). It is our “Yes” put to pages. 

What is YOUR YES? We CHEER you on to LIVE it! 
PS. What is your favorite book format

Here is the Kindle Book if you are modern techy reader

Paperpack will be ready from our publisher in a few days, if you are a “physical book” reader pick up your copy here

Or if you are a Sampler type of person you can pick a single chapter of your preference.

Elyssa and Wladimir Joseph
Honeymoon Living

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