Friday, August 7, 2015

Happy birthday!!! And fresh content from our latest book!!!

This week was a birthday! Now as a bride, I got to celebrate the first birthday of my groom Wladimir Jesus-Redeemed Joseph. Together we now have combined 72-years of wisdom, love, joy and passion for life bottled up! Below is a Facebook post I wrote to my love and husband on his birthday.
Happy Birthday to an amazing man and my love and husband, Wladimir Joseph
Your love poured out towards God and others is nothing short of inspiring. Thank you for living each day as a warrior and son. You are a true champion. Thank you for saying, "Yes," to "God's Plan A." Thank you for being the man I prayed for my whole life and for choosing faith when it was inconvenient. Thank you for not being a statistic. Thank you for leading our home and marriage. Thank you for letting me be who God has made me to be and requiring greatness and humility of me. Thank you for seeking to heed the voice of the Holy Spirit each day.
You continue to amaze me! It's an honor to be your Bride. I love you My Braveheart!
Happpppppy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!

Continuing with the celebration this week, we divulge a snippet from a chapter of our book, The Power of a HONEYMOON™ Marriage.

The Genesis Story Diagramed
Sometimes a picture or diagram can communicate ten thousand words.

The diagram below is the Genesis story, which captures the first relationship failure (Adam and Eve falling out of relationship with God), and the fall of the first marriage.

Legend to the diagram: 
1) In the beginning, God created Adam and Eve to carry out a purpose.

2) The line that comes from the enemy symbolizes one lie after another. (Satan has the nickname of “Father of Lies.”)

3) Adam or Eve didn’t stay focused on living out the truth God gave them.

Synopsis of the diagram:
The enemy doesn’t have power but can only suggest lies.
These lies aren’t worth us investing our time into finding out what is enlightening about them. They are lies from a master of lies, and hence God desires us to forgo debating with the enemy about the lies. Also, the lies the enemy speaks to us can never produce understanding; rather they are his means to attempt to plant deception or contaminate trust in God. Additionally, the lies are meant to distract from staying focused on our purpose for living. Lastly, the enemy uses his lies to try to trick us to misuse our gifts and the blessings God has given us.

The individual or couple who does not live in submission and fellowship with God through a dependent relationship with Jesus will not find Jesus’ steady protective armor. Nor will their life’s purpose (and, when married, their married purpose) be unstoppable against any antics of the enemy.

The Ephesians 5 Story Diagramed
The diagram below is the Genesis story infused with the New Testament Story of Christ coming as the solution to the first relationship problem. His solution is applicable to problems found when a person is single or married.

Legend to the diagram:
1) Whether single or married, Christ intervenes as a practical role model to offer rewritten guidance on effectively relating to God and fulfilling our life purpose. For the married, Christ shows us the way to make our marriage thrive.

2) Jesus is an impenetrable armor.

3) The enemy is as powerless to thwart a couple or a person in singlehood as Satan was powerless to thwart Jesus when Jesus came on earth to do the Father’s will.

Synopsis of the diagram:
Additionally, Christ is the ultimate protector of us in that He provides the singularly effective weapon that helps the Christ-followers stay victorious against the enemy’s attacks. Specifically, Christ provides the truth and Holy Spirit-empowered strength to keep our daily paths straight despite the lies the enemy disseminates in an attempt to distract, confuse, or mislead us. Because Christ corrected the relationship that went awry when Adam and Eve sinned, now the single or married can keep focused on fulfilling their life purpose. Marriage can be the bliss and boon it once was meant to be. Alternatively, for the single, he or she can forever thrive in their season of singlehood.

The individual or couple who lives in submission and fellowship with God through a dependent relationship with Jesus will find that Jesus’ protective armor is impenetrable and will firmly keep one unstoppable in his or her life purpose, even against any antics of the enemy.

Excerpted with permission from The Power of a HONEYMOON™ Marriage by Wladimir and Elyssa Joseph, copyright Wladimir and Elyssa Joseph.

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Have a blessed week! 

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