Thursday, August 27, 2015

Our Good Good Father Has Delivered Our First Babies!!!

Three Paperback Editions to The Power OF A Honeymoon Marriage

This week Elyssa and I get to celebrate our Good Good Heavenly Father who helped us mount with wings as eagles in the last eight months of our marriage to deliver four book editions about honeymoon marriage. We can now say the books have been birthed and with much miraculous strength from our heavenly Father above!  
Thank you Heavenly Father for your strength and guidance you give married couples on how to live happily-ever married. Thank You Lord for empowering us, whether single or married, to cross the finish line on your mission for us.
This month, Elyssa and I have much gratitude to be published authors on honeymoon marriage, and proclaimers and celebrators to the marriage design that came from God’s original idea about marriage.

Thank you to my beloved bride Elyssa J Joseph who allowed God’s strength to overtake her, and soared as helpmate to me.

Below is a quick update on the fun we have been having and gifts we have been birthing for you!
We self-published three manuscripts:
·        A paperback photo edition

We started with two primary distributors:
·         We have our books available on and one of its subsidiaries. They print and distribute it. Also, we have our book coming soon to local libraries near you, Barnes and Noble and other bookstores.
· store distributes the book. Today and Friday August 28th only are the last days to receive autographs along with book orders made at
Highlights from the Book:
·        Marriage is a precious creation from God, and those married can still experience its preciousness, and the blessings from it that God originally intended for it. No Hype! Married People Can!
·        A husband or wife is not left alone to figure out marriage or guess or invent a design of it and hope for long-term success. God has a blueprint for it, and real success is built-into it that a husband and wife can follow (from God's Holy Spirit and His Word) for them to thrive and succeed in a rich marriage.
·        Singles are not left to fend for themselves during their singlehood to find contentment. Instead, singles are built complete, and to thrive unhindered from depressive strings of relationships and flings.
·        Singles can steward their singlehood in a fashion that brings a blessing into their eventual marriage.

What’s next?
Let’s make this book an best-seller! Get your book now!
·        Order from our honeymoon living store at 20% off for the color copy!
·        Order & get shipment from or its subsidiary
·        Those with pre-orders will have theirs shipped really soon (as soon as we receive our shipment).
Thank you for those dear ones who prayed for us through the book writing process. Thank you for those who kicked off our wedding. Thank you to our readers!
Already got the book? How is it helping you shatter lies and bring transformation in your life? Tell us about it at 

You can get the full book here: for today and Friday August 28th only, with exclusive author autographed copy of the book here, or the The Power Of A Honeymoon Marriage - Kindle Edition, or at CreateSpace or at

Have a blessed week! 


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