Friday, September 4, 2015

The War Room Movie and HAPPILY EVER AFTER!!!

This week my bride Elyssa and I made it out to one of her favorite places, an antique store. This is where I saw the sign with the words, “It’s never too late to live HAPPILY EVER AFTER.
IS THE ABOVE TRUE OR FALSE? In your marriage, or in your singlehood?
I was 90% near finished with writing this blog, paused, and then my bride Elyssa and I went to watch War Room the movie. It was surreal because the thrust of this really good movie was lived out in our book, “The Power Of A HONEYMOON™ Marriage.” It is as if the book and the movie came from the same manuscript. Suffice to say, GO SEE THE WAR ROOM!
“It’s never too late to live HAPPILY EVER AFTER.”
THE WAR ROOM tells you how.
If the movie is not showing near you, or your schedule conflicts, please try the prayer spouse challenge and get these prayer books, The Power of a Praying Husband, and a The Power of a Praying Wife.

Below is a quick update on The Power OF A HONEYMOON™ Marriage:
The black and white photo edition book orders with signed autographs should be delivered to your doorsteps this weekend! Just in time for the three-day weekend!!!
My bride and I had a lot of fun signing the books and sending along a special note to our readers. For a limited time, we will continue to autograph your books brought from Honeymoon Living.
What’s next?
For those who pray. Please pray with us that books like Fifty Shades of Grey (75 Million books sold) and others of the like are usurped from being NY Times and best sellers. Instead, pray with us that books like The Power Of A HONEYMOON™ Marriage become and NY Times best-sellers!  Pray by the grace of God, that these books prevails that helps a rediscovery of agape love and passion in marriage already built-into the God-made marriage design. 
·        Get a signed copy from our honeymoon living store at 20% off for the color copy!
·        Or order & get shipment from or its subsidiary
Thank you for those encouraging words by those who have brought our book or are looking forward to buying our book. We appreciate your kind words.  Thank you to our readers!
Already got the book? How is helping you shatter lies and bring transformation in your life? Tell us about it at 
Have a blessed week! 


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