Wednesday, September 23, 2015

What do 2 pastors have in common with your marriage?

 Some radical things have happened recently in the Texas Hill Country. It happened between a Church of Christ pastor, Jim Sportsman and a non-denomination church pastor, David Danielson. On the same weekend, they swapped preaching duties, and preached at each other’s pulpit.

Here’s Jimmy Sermon Link: His Dying Wish
Here’s David’s Sermon Link: Secure Identity

This is unheard of. Unity between two churches that are of different denominations, yet coming together and uniting.

What does this mean to someone who is married? That’s a big jump! I know, talking about pastors preaching and your marriage, but seriously, where do you see that kind of collaboration taking place?
  • Do you know of companies, politicians, sport teams or spouses that support each other like that?
  • Where else do you see that kind of crossing over boundaries and cheerleading of the common goal?
  • What’s the common goal? Greater unity!
If you are married, you can always get inspired to increase your unity between you and your spouse. Places you can find unity in operations are rare. Whenever you see unity in operation, it’s an opportunity to gain newfound hope to see your marriage increase in unity. You can never be too united with your spouse. If you have a church or an event that is God honoring and celebrating unity, at least, let it inspire you. You can go even further and look for a way to take part of the event.

For those in the Texas Hill Country, there is a God honoring unity event coming, The Gathering.
Here’s the video from my local church video announcement last week.

For more info about The Gathering taking place October 3rd, go here
  • Ask yourself, what are your practical action steps that you are taking this week to increase in unity with your spouse?  (or your kids, if you have kids)
  • Or if you are single, how are you promoting unity in your existing relationships and preparing for unity in your future marriage? 
(As always, would love to hear your feedback!)

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