Friday, October 2, 2015

Do you think marriage is 50/50?

Thank you Adam Cappa for sharing this image with the world!

The above is a fascinating quote. Is it true? Why?

Is it possible a lukewarm approach to marriage makes divorce easy?

Is it possible agape love is not reflected in a marriage that ends in divorce?

Could the answer to divorce-proof marriage simply be in the Bible's blueprint about putting real love, i.e., agape love back into marriage?

Is it possible for a husband and wife to live at the standard of agape love in their marriage? If so, but how?

I went to seminary and read through the bible many times, and after 38-years of being single, this one thing I know. Nothing in the Bible agrees with a lukewarm approach to marriage or a love that isn't the gold standard of agape love!

God's standard of Agape love in marriage is possible. Agape love in marriage is impossible without the power of prayer.

How can one start on the journey to bring back or for the first-time agape love into ones marriage?

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