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I pray or praise?

This post is dedicated to praises to God. Although the War Room movie did not exaggerate the power and priority of prayer, I still cannot talk about prayer without addressing the topic of praises to God. At first it seemed logical to talk about prayer…the main topic of the War Room movie, however, I resisted this logical order because I have observed great roadblocks to prayer to God when praises to God is non-existent or the attitude about praising God was rote or perfunctory.

What is the conundrum with praying or praising first?
I only have a partial answer, even after reading eight plus books on prayer, fasting, or prayer and fasting, in the last four years. Below is the list:

At this moment, I move out of the way and let you have a listen at a quintessential song on praise “When You Praise.”
Here are the lyrics to the song.
"When You Praise"

[Chorus 1]
When you praise, when you praise,
there should be a fire in your heart.
Hands up raised, when you praise,
consuming every part because you know
the GOD we serve will make
his presence known, when you praise,
when you praise.

When we think of how wonderful
and merciful and kind
our GOD has been to us.
Then we know every glory hallelujah
he deserves, when we praise
[back to chorus 1]

Praise will bind, confuse
and break the enemy,
and cause his hands to be still.
So we raise our hands in total victory
we know we triumph in his will.

[Chorus 1: Woman sings]
When we praise, when we praise,
there should be a fire in your heart.
Hands up raised when you praise,
consuming every part because you know
The GOD we serve will make his presence known.
Oh, when we praise, when we praise, when we praise.

[Chorus 1: Fred sings]
Let us praise, let us praise.
With fire in our heart,
hands up raised let us praise,
consuming every part because you know
the GOD we serve will make his presence known.

When we praise, when you praise
say, when you praise
and say there is none
(there is none like you)
when you praise, my sister when you praise
my brother, when you lift up your hands
and open up your mouth and say
(our GOD is an awesome GOD yeah)
when you, when we praise
when you lift your hands, in the midst of your trouble
when you praise, when you praise
and say bless
(bless the lord on my soul)
say when you praise
when they praise
when the body of Christ gets together
and lifts up their voice is what’s its called
when we praise, when we praise
and say there (there is none like you)
my brother when you lift your voice
in the midst of your trial
and sing, yeah when you praise.
and you say (our GOD is an awesome GOD yeah)
when you praise, when we praise
when you praise and say bless
(bless the lord on my soul)
on my soul, when you praise
we praise his holy name, hey
when you praise,
(when we praise)

Simply listening to the song and letting God’s spirit talk will produce major teaching about relationships in singlehood or marriage life (whether married, engaged or single).

Nothing in those eight books particularly stressed that praise (knowing how to praise) must come first. However, my surest way to instigate a heart correction towards God is to check how engaged and full of faith and adoration was I during praising God; Also, did I forgot praising God all-together. I knew for sure, that when praising God is laborious for me, then my perspective of God was compromised by something, maybe doubt, fear, sin, unforgiveness, or something else. Then, without fail, God would invite me to realign my perspective with His perspective. As soon I accept His proposition, then my praying would be appropriately redirected to fix the compromising issue, e.g., a fear, doubt, sin, etc.

I do not know about you, how you go about praising God, or correcting your sense of wonder and worship of God. Please share your thoughts and notes on praising so that we can all benefit on this topic of praise.

What is the big deal with praising or not praising God daily, and regularly throughout the day?
Again, without getting theoretical, anyhow your perspective of God is small, it is not because you have gazed appropriately at Him, and saw Him appropriately as small, but it is because something else is in the way of the gaze of Him. When we really see Him and His perspective, He melts us, and expands our view of Him, our wonder of Him grows and we lose our self. Almost sometimes to becoming undignified because of how we behaved in worship of the Almighty God! King David abandoned himself at worshiping God and his wife gave him a verbal lashing for it…but subsequently the same wife God made barren. King David did not go overboard in worshiping God!

The War Room movie does an excellent job at showing praises to God being uttered. Because the focus of the movie was not about the different varieties of praises or prayer, therefore the movie only displayed a brief example of one type of praising God. They showed people praising God when their prayers were not fully resolved but at least the circumstance tangibly improved.

The movie ended with a honeymoon-like heart reconnection-taking place between the main husband and wife characters. If the movie viewers were allowed at least another week into the lives of the main characters, it is doubtful that a pronounced duration of worship and praises to God would not have taken place between the husband and wife.

Why am I so sure? I owe probably 85% of my spiritual unity to/with my beloved bride Elyssa to the act of our regular and spontaneous praising and worshiping God together. Hence, I am convinced praises to God between a husband and wife is probably the healthiest thing on earth to do for spiritual unity.

Your Turn
What about me…I am single, I am uncomfortable at loosing myself when worshiping God, so what? Warning…because without changes to this area, it will be uncomfortable when you are married, and pursuing sustained unity of any sort.

What about me…my spouse and I, we don’t praise and worship God together, so what?
Warning…there is so much more that gets easier when the both let God in this space. He causes a kind of a heaven-base oasis that waters the soul and marriage, this unique oasis is unparalleled to any other source of strength the two spouses have access to.

WARNING!!! WARNING!!! WARNING!!! Christians can enter the above two difficult circumstances however it is very dangerous to stay in that place. Suffice to say, it is not a condition that God celebrates the person being in. However, with honesty with God about it…God will radically outstretch His Almighty Arms on the person’s behalf, undo the blockage, and destroy the compromise to their praiseful attitude. But honesty with God is critical!!!

We invite you--no matter how strong you are at praise--to join a journey on reclaiming praising by joining the war room study group. We are now ready to start the War Room Study Group! We have a few more days remaining before we close down the sign up to the first War Room Study Group. You still have time to join, or invite your friend, or spouse, especially if he or she has a potential interest in the War Room movie. Here is the link to your War Room

Yours in Christ,
Wladimir and Elyssa,

Below is a moment of us worshipping at a public event.
On October 3rd, 2015, in a gathering of nearly 4000 people, and yet, the newspaper would randomly capture us as part of a handful of select photos testifying of, praising God, and worshiping God’s awesome Beauty!

P.S. The War Room movie has moved nations because it really speaks the truth about prayer and the change warroom movie-liken prayer attentiveness is guaranteed to make in our relationships and with God, as single or married individuals. We can cash in on victory! This War Room study group will focus on that one result!

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