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UFO and Honeymoon Marriage

Which is most likely to happen, a UFO sighting, or a honeymoon marriage?

We got married on 12/13/14 and five days later, a blog post titled “Honeymoon Marriage…Impossible?” was published in an article on, by guest blogger Francie Winslow. My bride and I never heard or saw this article until the end of October 2015. Also, enroute to getting married, as the groom, I had never heard of such a concept of a honeymoon marriage. Which makes me wonder, who else had heard of such a concept, prior to 12/13/14? It’s time to take a poll.

Take the poll:

Francie wrote that blog post 10 years later into her marriage. Let us highlight some statements she makes in her article, and ask some questions regarding it. Those who are single or married should get in an uproar against what she is saying, or agree with what she is saying, but not stay undecided about what she is saying.

Francie’s statement I:
A honeymoon is defined by Webster as a phase marked by unusual harmony after a wedding. Our culture often aligns with Mr. Webster and my first friend. They imply that we may enjoy temporary wedded bliss but should brace for the unavoidable monotony and inevitable struggle that comes with kids, progressing careers, hectic schedules, and stretched finances.
As Christians, we often share the same dim outlook. And in many cases, disappointing experiences tell us this is true.
But what if we took the idea of a honeymoon marriage seriously and saw it through a kingdom lens?
I’m not talking about pursuing a relationship based on short-sighted happiness. But rather one of unparalleled joy and connection. One that is based on the selfless love of Christ, healed by the power of His Spirit, and propelled into kingdom works by the joy that comes from knowing and walking together with the King.
The door is wide open for us to enjoy a honeymoon marriage. Not according to Merriam Webster, but according to our Maker.
Was that an extravagant exaggeration and hyperbole, Yes, No?

Francie’s statement II:
God wants to unleash hope for love, healing and wholeness in our marriages, so that the wonder of a new love doesn’t fade, but rather solidifies with time. Unusual indeed. That’s the life we get to live in Christ. A life of unusual hope, unusual joy, and unusually harmonious marriages.
What if our marriages are so unusually healthy, that our immediate communities take notice and then seek after the reason for our vibrant relationships?
Was that an extravagant exaggeration and hyperbole, Yes, No?

Francie’s statement III:
No matter the current condition of your marriage, there is hope for a honeymoon marriage. Our God is The Resurrection and the Life and has the undeniable power to reclaim the lost, restore the broken and repair the wounded.
Was that an extravagant exaggeration and hyperbole, Yes, No?

During our wedding on 12/13/14, an attendee, Joseph Heisinger prayed over my bride and me, "Lord, they say honeymoons ends, but their honeymoon does not have to end." My bride and I attribute part of our now Honeymoon Marriage to that prayer prayed over us. Seven months later, we went to coauthor an original book called The Power of a HONEYMOON™ Marriage (released in paperback in August '15, and on Kindle in July '15). Interestingly, Francie Winslow’s blog post makes very similar points to what is in our hearts for Honeymoon Marriage. Because indeed Honeymoon Marriage is not a fancy concept but one from the Bible.

This blogpost does not pass judgment on any person reading this, albeit it is possessing serious questions that one cannot gloss over (whether single or already married). Here are two summary questions:
  • Ques. 1. Is a honeymoon marriage possible for you and your marriage?
  • Ques. 2. Where would you start in planning, preparing or sustaining a honeymoon marriage?

After writing a book on this subject, we can wholeheartedly say:

If you want to see Francie’s article, click here. Also, let us know what you think about Francie's points. Which do you think are hyperboles or truth, and why? Do you have a honeymoon marriage, if so, would you mind encouraging others by telling us your story in a comment below?

With Agape Love,

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