Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Honeymoon Anniversary Celebration in Progress... Your Wedding Invitation?

Our honeymoon anniversary celebration started 12/13/15... we are still on it. It will last a three weeks period. We are intentionally sparsely available on-and-offline during our three weeks honeymoon re-celebration. It’s a hybrid of being fully inaccessible and away at a certain time, or continuing with our day-to-day obligations and yet keeping intact the honeymoon anniversary celebration spirit.

The enclosed picture is from our Honeymoon Living wedding ceremony, where my 32-year old virgin bride (and never yet kissed) and I had our very first kiss, a private kiss within an enclosed space surrounded by banners and the words "Worth The Wait", and then 10-15 seconds later, the banners where lowered and we had our second kiss, a public kiss.
In the meantime while we are sparsely available we want to invite many people who couldn’t make it to our wedding day. Here is a link to view our full wedding video. It was precious to be blessed by such a great cloud of witness starting on that day.

The password to view our wedding will expire in a few days. The temporary video password is: Sunday121315

Are you getting married soon? Coming early next year, my bride and I will be jointly performing weddings for those who are interested in having a honeymoon marriage and having us officiate their wedding. Drop us a note and let us know of your projected wedding date, and we look forward to seeing your wedding day be as special to you as it was to us!
More options...
I am married. I am willing to press into hope! 
Do you have hope, and wonder in your marriage that is greater than the daily grind? Paying the bills, managing schedules and kids?
If the answer is no, this may not be the full wonder that God intended for your marriage.
Want help restoring the wonder?

Marriage Coaching Session with Wladimir and Elyssa
Need a tune up? Or an overhaul? Whether happily married or desperately needing a breakthrough every couple can grow in greater harmony (It is not required that both you and your spouse be on the call, but you are both welcome).

But, I am not married. Does hope and wonder apply to me?
Well, God really really really loves His children, and if a son or daughter of Christ is living a life where a frustration or hopelessness frequents him or her, then we can probably help!

Singles Coaching
Single? Need help overcoming an obstacle, strategies on living a purity centered life or maybe on landing the right person or dating tips. This one is for you.

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