Monday, January 18, 2016

We shall overcome someday and 3 places to start or continue overcoming.

The message and song "We Shall Overcome Someday" brings me to tears when I think about the message and accept its present day challenge.

What motivates me most is alignment to the side of eternal truth. That truth that is eternal and not the data found in recent statistics or probability that persuades good truths of God to become unreasonable in light of the scientific data.  Today, I watched a few speeches on MLK, cried some, and now it’s time to apply the eternal inspirations from them. At the end of the blog is a list of MLK speeches for your perusal and refreshing ones courage. There are many ills in the world but there is this one seeming innocuous one, rampant among Christian households. Here is the statistics that I am referring to in the back of mind: 

These numbers aren't specifically based on Christian divorces, however last time I researched specifically Christian divorces, the numbers were similar.

"Marriage has been a source of great difficulty and challenge to many. These are the statistics on marriage, (assuming US statistics, and taken from within five years ago): 41 percent of first marriages end in divorce, 60 percent of second marriages end in divorce, and 73 percent of third marriages end in divorce. That means just about 50 percent of all marriages end in divorce (SOURCE: Most likely, divorce has affected you or somebody close to you. Maybe your own past or present family circumstance has been affected by divorce and is a source of great pain. We acknowledge your pain in advance, and nothing in this book is meant to add additional pain to your experience, nor are we judging you. Nothing that we say in this book, however, difficult or contrary to your understanding of marriage, is intended to add to your pain."
The excerpt is taken from The Power Of A HONEYMOON Marriage, with permission.

Here is how to overcome, or how to not respond in a reasonable way to the gripping statistics against marriage. Do not reason with the statistics and do not do these 3 things.

1. Christians: Whether single or married 
Do not hedge your bets, spread out your chances of happiness in multiple baskets in order to brace yourself for the probability of marital disappointment ending in divorce. Just do not do it!

2. Christian Married 
Do not second-guess God. If your marriage is of heavenly origins, i.e., entered in with tremendous orchestration or blessings from God. Then do not turn your eyes to the right or the left from mastering your marriage calling and duty before God, and your spouse, and your children (if you also have children). Again, instead, please call all other persons liars and never God! Please have disagreements with yourself, rather than disagree with the Holy Spirit of God, Him being gracious and willing to show you how to be the expert-spouse-to-your-spouse and expert human-being in your primary status of life.

3. Christian Singles 
Do not stay in neutral gear about your spiritual, emotional, physical, vocational calling and vibrancy while single. Instead, get really hot, starting right now, starting today—get really hot and on fire for all things that are eternally true. Instead, do not coast on any part of life; it will not serve you, whether or not you eventually get married or remarried. The War Room excellent movie and message shows it is possible to recover a marriage from many risky situations but just do not wait for or invite that circumstance. Instead, unplug from mindlessness that tells you to get more excited about secondary duties and agendas for your life. God is good and will lovingly encourage you into the right ways for your life. Happily ask of Him.

Instead, stay 180-degrees the opposite direction
The above encouragements are based on what the enemy of God will suggest to you, e.g., the defeated liar and enemy invites you to coast and hedge your bets or second-guess God, His word, His provisions-thus-far. Instead, raise the stakes each day, go 180-degrees the opposite direction that the Devil lies about to you. Instead, press further even more into God, His word, His Holy-Spirit, His Love, His calling for you (and marriage, if you are married), and daily (count each day as a brand new beginning equipped with all measure of God’s goodness available to you and His fresh start). Instead, do not accept other people’s agenda for you as your primary agenda, no matter what/who they are. Without that hot-burning passion for your God of your Holy Bible, then all other agendas will absolutely sadly disappoint, examples, fame, power, wealth, esteem, etc.

Cheers to a real Happy New Year 2016 to you! An Overcoming One!
My bride and I, we love you. We often pray for you: Yes that God blessing chase you down in your singles or married life! We pray your Christian-living be again celebrated and marriages, and Amen!

If interested, here is an excellent short list of Martin Luther King’s messages

Leave us some stories on how you are overcoming in any way of your life, including even your singles or married living.

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