Monday, May 9, 2016

National Day Of Prayer, The New Superbowl!

Here’s what happened in this year 2016 National Day Of Prayer (aka NDP).
Photos taken by Jennifer Reiley of Kerrville Daily Times
About 100 people showed up at the Kerr County city building for lunch. Thank you, Pastor David Danielson (for the last seven years leading this prayer), and thank you to the Kerr Ministerial Alliance for your cries from the heart for our community, and our Nation.

The new Superbowl (for Christians) is here--The National Day Of Prayer.
During each Superbowl we tend to want one thing, our team to win, alternatively, we will settle for our team to demonstrate signs that even if they lose, nevertheless they played well enough to appear in next year's Superbowl and furthermore show hope that they will be more than just a contender in next year's big game.

Very few other national days rival our National Day Of Prayer. If "One Nation Under God" can become true, the National Day of Prayer can help make that happen. Going back to the Superbowl analogy, functioning as "One Nation and Under God (or doing) God's Best Precepts" is the second best that Christian fans will settle for. The real or full Christian Superbowl, where Christians take all, this doesn't happen until Revelation 19:15 takes place, and King Jesus is on that triumphant horse. However, each year, Christians can be sure to make gains during each Christian partial Superbowl (aka National Day Of Prayer) by accessing the nation's previous year's activities, i.e., as a nation, were we as a nation...more humble or loved more mercy or did more justice and righteousness...than the previous year? (Micah 6:8)

Photos taken by Jennifer Reiley of Kerrville Daily Times
The NDP Coverage in Kerrville
In the Daily Kerrville Times article covering the event, Jennifer Reiley did an excellent coverage of the event as she wrote verbatim even some of the prayers prayed. For those who missed it, my bride and I got the mic to lead the public prayers for the local families section of prayers. Since (my bride and I) love and fight for all things about God and families, hence in our prayers we prayed from our hearts. We prayed for bad seeds and miseducation previously sown on the topic of families would undergo famine and drought, liken to how Elijah prayed for drought (James 5:17) and God made the drought happen for three years and six months. The prayer continued, we prayed the community would then be visited by a downpour of heaven's good ideas about marriage, love and child rearing. We believe for good family education to flourish, and then Christians will cherish the new crops from heaven of love, marriage, family and relationships. We also prayed for singles to be endowed with the stamina to live pure and cherish sexual purity. In Jesus Name, Amen! (If you would, please also pray this for your community.) Well, with our faith and that moment of prayer (along with the 100+ people joining us in prayer), we believe droughts on bad seeds and bad ideas planted about marriage will take place and the would-be bad fruits will die (especially in Kerr County Texas), and then followed by new rain and good heaven-based seeds and a fresh return to God's blueprint and real intention for families, love, and child rearing will take place.
We will talk more about this event on the Honeymoon Living Show on episode 15-(National Day Of Prayer, The New Superbowl!)!

Feel Free To Take A Little From Kerrville's NDP to Your Local Community
In the meantime, please continue to pray with us for the famine to take hold and the bad crops or bad ways and bad ideas about love, marriage, families and relationships won't further grow among Christians. Please pray your community will show signs of a loss of appetite for bad crops on marriage, love and relationships.

Last But Not Least
Not to mention, The First Annual National Day Of Prayer Community Movie Night. The First National Day Of Prayer Movie Night was a delight! People enjoyed the seeing the movie for the first time or seeing it, even for their fourth time. We have no regrets and people left the event with an pep in their step and encouraged from the message of the movie. Thank you to everyone who came and or supported it in various way, e.g., radio show psa announcements, church pulpit announcements, news paper ads, equipment set up, encouragements, prayers, and more. Thank you!!! Thank You!!! Thank you!!!

Did you miss the major National Day Of Prayer event? Here's a link to its video replay.

See below to get access to newspaper articles which covered the Kerrville National Day Of Prayer:
What's my hope for next year?
I am already starting to plan for next year's National Day Of Prayer 2017 Movie Night, which will be Thursday, May 4th. (Please save this date.) Unlike this year, we only had 12 days to get ready for it but not so next year. Please block out your calendar for your local National Day Of Prayer Community Day and Night Activities which happen near you on Thursday, May 4th, 2017. If you are hosting an event, in conjunction with the NDP 2017, please remember to register it at the national day of prayer, at this site

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