Thursday, September 29, 2016

Profound experience at the Lima Peru Crusade with Prophet TB Joshua

Wow...the Lima Peru Crusade with Prophet TB Joshua was amazing! We were joined at the crusade on Friday, Sept 23rd with about 40,000 people and on Saturday with about 60,000 (these are our amateur crowd attendance estimation). Words cannot capture the equal measure of desperation, faith, hope and love that was on profound display.

Our top two highlights:

  • (Groom Wladimir's favorite) We were invited to personally meet with Prophet TB Joshua. During the personal meeting with Prophet TB Joshua, he listened to our marital ministry vision "Eradicate Christian Divorcing," and then he affirmed and supported us by laying his hands on each of us--to fulfill my request--to receive deliverance, healing, and impartation. Then he extended to us a special invite to visit the Synagogue Church Of All Nations for additional prayer and ministry intercession time on behalf of our marriage and relationship ministry. He additionally gave some of his best resources for free. Wow...what an amazing man of God and prophet! 
The picture is immediately taken after the private one-on-one pastoral meeting of Prophet TB Joshua to my bride and I which Prophet TB Joshua similarly did with many other ministry leaders. Wow. Praise God for the great commission that still continues.
Beloved Mrs. Evelyn Joshua (married for 26 years) greets us warmly!

If you missed viewing the crusade, all is not lost.

Here are a few highlights of the Lima Peru crusade:

There is a reshowing of the Lima Peru Crusade event at, this weekend. Friday 30th, (EST) 10:30 am, (CAT) 4:30 pm; and on Saturday 1st, (EST) 8:00 am, (CAT) 2:00 pm.

God is awesome for all His providence in that crusade, in addition to the personal pastoral consultation from Prophet TB Joshua. We can, and we will get to the next step God has ordained, because of God's supernatural power we encountered during the visit to Lima Peru, Prophet TB Joshua and the SCOAN staff. Thank you Prophet TB Joshua and the SCOAN staff.

Stay tuned!!!
~With love
Wladimir and Elyssa Joseph

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