Who are Wladimir and Elyssa Joseph, and Honeymoon Living?
One day I texted my beloved bride, Elyssa, three new nicknames that came to mind for us as a couple. Of the three, she picked the nickname “Marriage Pit Bulls.” Though we had vastly different upbringings, in hindsight we discovered that we created our own revolutionary journey through singlehood and dating, to get to our glorious promotion to marriage. Not many women make it to their wedding day as virgin brides at 32 years old, and not many spiritually rededicated virgin grooms lead the way in waiting for a first kiss at the wedding altar.
Elyssa comes from a deep Christian family heritage and has been hands-on involved in Christian ministry, training, and leadership for over 25 years. Wladimir has roots spiritually grounded from the Brooklyn Tabernacle Church and a master’s degree from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, with emphasis on Theology and Christian Counseling.
From our observations from 70 combined years of being single and as astute bystanders, we see that many marriages are being severely attacked. We were on guard when facing dating, love, and marriage. We know that the barriers we overcame along the path to our glorious marriage are the same ones we are called to help others overcome.
When you are ready to pursue married, dating, or single living from a successful, authentic blueprint, contact us. We care about these things with a pit-bull–like tenacity and a heightened alarm at the obstacles to love according to God’s design. Let's connect soon!
How to connect with Wladimir and Elyssa?

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