We love nothing better than sharing what we have learned and experienced from the Bible and the Holy Spirit with those who are eager to grow. If this sounds like you, we need to connect.

We provide a platform to champion others to experience authentic relationships, and find success in life and fulfilling love. We help overwhelmed marriages and frustrated singles get clarity, breakthrough and the tools they need to win at life and love.

Hire us as a personal coach. We love one-on-one coaching, albeit we have limited time available for it. If you think you could benefit from one-on-one interaction with us, please email us if you have questions or select one of the options below.

Marriage Coaching Session with Wladimir and Elyssa
Need a tune up? Or an overhaul? Whether happily married or desperately needing a breakthrough every couple can grow in greater harmony (It is not required that both you and your spouse be on the call, but you are both welcome).

Singles Coaching
Single? Need help overcoming an obstacle, strategies on living a purity centered life or maybe on landing the right person or dating tips. This one is for you.

Dating/Engaged Couples Coaching
There are so many opinions on how to date or how to prepare for marriage, but real life applicable helpful training is hard to find. This is beyond the fluff, messy, and targeted. Hey, your relationship is a BIG deal, the decisions you make now will affect the rest of your life.

Diagnostic Consultation
Down and dirty, get under the hood. This session is for the person that wants to rip past the layers fast and expose issues fast. This is a whole session built on exposing issues, so that they can get solved. This session definitely is not for the faint of heart nor do we recommend it to everyone… Only if you are deadly serious about seeing change hit your life fast.

Young Generation Mentoring
Big brother/big sister mentor for your teen or pre-teen son or daughter. Elyssa was a virgin bride and Wladimir was a rededicated virgin when they married. They dated honorably and have vast experience helping kids. Elyssa has purity coached since she was in highschool. For this session Wladimir and Elyssa connect with the parent on what the parent is wanting guidance on or what the child is needing guidance on. They can direct the focus of the call to your son/daughter directly or coach the parent/s on how to lead their child.

Book us as a speaker. Our welcome reception and enthusiasm of God's authentic idea about singlehood, love, marriage and relationship may not be outmatched by another person. If you have an event you would like us to consider, please email us.

For additional tools and resources. Find more tools and resources compiled here.


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